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Anaheim Volunteer Opportunities for Seniors

Just because you’ve retired from work, it doesn’t mean you’ve retired from life. Anaheim seniors can take advantage of their golden years to meet new people, learn new things, and give something back to the community.

Anaheim and the surrounding region is full of opportunities for seniors to make a difference. Continue reading to learn about volunteer opportunities that can enrich your life and make retirement the most productive time of your life.

Schools Need Help

The Anaheim School District is a great place for seniors who love helping children. The school district needs volunteers to help out in a wide range of programs such as mentoring, tutoring and homework assistance are great places to start.

The school always needs volunteers to help as playground and cafeteria monitors. You’ll keep kids safe and ensure that playtime and lunch are happy and stress-free for young students.

Do You Love Reading?

You can volunteer at the Anaheim Public Library. There are many interesting roles you can be assigned. The Library needs volunteers to help seniors learn the basics of computer use such as using a word processor, sending an email, and performing an online search.

Bilingual volunteers can contribute to the Library’s programs to assist recent immigrants as they learn English and use the available resources to find work or information about aid programs.

For seniors who enjoy making children happy, you can volunteer to read stories during scheduled children’s story times.

Help Shelter Animals

Orange County Animal Care employs hundreds of volunteers to fulfill their core mission of helping as many of Anaheim’s distressed companion animals as they can.

You can help socialize and groom shelter animals to increase their chances of being adopted. Your help at the front desk and guiding people through the facility will be an important part of ensuring the best outcomes for abandoned pets.

If you have experience raising funds, Orange County Animal Care will find your volunteer assistance invaluable.

Learn and Meet New People at the Zoo

The Orange County Zoo is a fascinating place to volunteer for people who are interested in animals.

You can volunteer to be a guide and enjoy showing people the wonders that the Zoo has to offer. Volunteering for enclosure maintenance will teach you the intricacies of providing for some of the most exotic animals.

Help out in the gift shop and meet people from all over while enjoying good company and a pleasant environment.

Be a Volunteer Botanist

At the Fullerton Arboretum, seniors who enjoy the outdoors and learning about plants will be in green thumb heaven. You can conduct tours and meet wonderful people while spending hours discussing botanical topics.

Horticultural volunteers can indulge in some serious gardening by helping to care for a wide range of exotic plant species. Volunteer at the museum and become an expert on the many beautiful exhibits.

Find Out More

This was just a sample of the great volunteer opportunities available to Anaheim seniors. A little research will reveal countless others!

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