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Anaheim Veterans Support Groups

Anaheim offers countless support opportunities for veterans in the area. A full Veterans Resource Directory was created to ensure all people in need of help could find what they are looking for quickly. Employment assistance, family support, health care services and more get detailed in the directory. Search the list and use the information provided here to get whatever support or help you need.

Finding Local Resources

The first stop on your journey to finding local resources should be the American Veterans Service Officers. They reside at 1213 South Dale Avenue. You can also visit the website for the Orange County Veterans Service Office. The site offers guidance on filing for benefits, as well as details on upcoming events in the area, such as a Veterans Art Workshop held at the American Legion.

The Long Beach VAMC is the parent facility to the one in Anaheim, but a small office in the area does exist. It sits at 2569 W Woodland Drive. The Veterans Outpatient Clinic offers quality health care services to veterans.

Searching for Statewide Assistance

The California Department of Veterans Affairs allows you to search for a particular service provider nearby. Use the search tool to locate advocacy groups, educational opportunities, employment, housing, benefits, and health care. You may enter your zip code or look up your county to get results.

CalVet has a particular focus on helping homeless veterans. The organization works with the Department of Housing and Development and the VA to fund housing assistance programs. Call (800) 952-5626 if you wish to get involved in the program and find housing opportunities nearby.

National Organizations with Chapters in Anaheim

The Veterans of Foreign Wars organization advocates for all veterans and their dependents. They assist with the claims process, help file appeals, offer information on health care, and much more. Utilize their offerings to find the support and guidance you need.

There is one main VFW post in Anaheim. Post 3173 Anaheim Post sits at 805 E Sycamore St. The quartermaster is Lorenzo Jordan, while Ernesto Ramirez acts as the commander. The meeting time shows as 1330H on the third Saturday of each month, which translates to 1:30pm in the afternoon.

Getting Recognition for Veterans

Numerous Veterans Day celebrations and parades get held each year in Anaheim to recognize the veterans who have fought for this country. A Memorial Day event, a Flag Day parade, 4th of July parade, Veterans Day celebration, Military Banner Ceremony, and Yellow Ribbon Experience all get held to honor those who have fought. The city of Anaheim’s website offers an event calendar that allows you to see which dates each of these events fall on throughout the year.

Anaheim also participates in Red Shirt Fridays. Every single Friday throughout the year, citizens of Anaheim are encouraged to wear red to show support for the military men and women in our country. No matter if the shirt is long-sleeved, short-sleeved or collared, the red signifies support for members of the Armed Forces.

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