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Anaheim Senior Services

Anaheim might be home to Disney, but many seniors also live here. If you’ve just entered retirement or are about to retire, you need to know about the different programs and services available to make your life easier and better. Anaheim can help you find a hot meal when you can’t get out of the house, a ride when you need to get to the doctor, or activities to fill your day. There are so many ways you can find assistance and this list only touches on ten of the different resources in the area.

Access California Services has such a diverse range of services that you can find almost any type of help you need. They offer financial assistance, case management, health care access, educational opportunities, and employment services. They even have programs to assist with citizenship and immigration.

Anaheim Active Older Adults Programs wants to ensure that seniors over the age of 50 have a way to take care of their health and live a better life. That’s why they’ve created classes and programs that help with balance and overall fitness as well as enhances creativity. There are different meeting spots for these courses, so check the online calendar.

Anaheim also has informational services that can help seniors learn more about health insurances, legal issues, tax assistance, and safe driver courses. There are wellness checks too that include blood pressure readings and support groups for various diseases.

Anaheim Public Library provides resources, both online and on location, to help seniors learn more about services created for them. There are computer literacy classes and resources such as Orange County 2-1-1 and WeConnect available on their site.

Catholic Charities Orange County offers many life-sustaining services that assist seniors. They offer a food stamp service and food distribution center. They can help with senior housing as well as assist with immigration and citizenship issues. They even have counseling services if you need to talk with a professional therapist or social worker.

Jewish Family Services operates throughout the Orange County area and takes care of things like transportation, care management, and a variety of support groups. Holocaust survivors can participate in their unique program and gain access to things like affordable housing and financial assistance.

Meals on Wheels helps keep the seniors of Anaheim fed with daily delivery of three nutritious meals. They also take care of things like care management, home assessments, personal care, and home referrals. There is a suggested donation of $5.25 per day, but no senior is turned away if they can’t pay.

The Orange County Office on Aging has resources for all seniors in Anaheim. They have disaster planning, information on elder abuse and how to prevent it, and legal resources. There are also links to other senior resources on their website.

Orange County Social Services provides adult services like a protective service hotline that is open 24 hours a day. They have in-home supportive services that include personal care and home assistance. They also have information on the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Senior Serv takes care of both seniors and their caregivers. They operate the Meals on Wheels program, but they also take care of things like in-home support, adult day services, care management, companion programs, and holiday programs.

You can find anything you need in Anaheim and if it isn’t on this list, contact the Orange County Office on Aging, and they will help you find the right program or service.

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