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Anaheim Senior Realtors

Seniors have a lot of unique issues to deal with when they decide to buy or sell their house. They often are retired and need to work within a small retirement budget, and they need to take their long-term care options into account.  Beyond finances and health, moving can be an emotional experience, and you want an agent that is sensitive to those needs while finding what you want.  Senior realtors are an excellent way to get both those things, and Anaheim has plenty of options

What Is a Senior Realtor?

A senior realtor is an agent that has taken extra training and has experience working with older clients.  Agents can become Seniors Real Estate Specialists through the National Association of Realtors by adding approved courses to their training.  California also offers the Certified Senior Housing Professional title through the Senior Real Estate Institute.  Not all states offer CSHP, but the states that do may include agents that have both credentials.

In addition to extra training, SRES and CSHP agents have extensive networks of other professionals.  These include attorneys, social workers, and CPAs, all who have experience working with older adults.  Your agent can refer you to any of these senior specialists if you have a need for their services.

Who Uses Senior Realtors?

If you are 50 or older, then you can use an SRES or CSHP agent for your next move.  You don’t have to be retired because they often work with adults at the height of their professional careers, parents that need a smaller house once the kids leave, and seniors looking to move to assisted living communities.

When Should I Use a Senior Realtor?

When you decide it’s time to move, no matter where that might be, contact a senior realtor.  They can help make the transition to a long-term care facility smoother and make sure nothing gets overlooked.  A good agent will also work with your retirement budget, and if you need a smaller place, they can help you get the most equity out of your current home with things like reverse mortgages.  

These agents aren’t only helpful during moves but when you want to stay in your house too.  If you don’t want to move or have elderly parents that don’t want to leave their home, you can call a senior realtor to get a referral to professionals who can modify your house.  Sometimes all you need is a wheelchair ramp into the house or a few lift bars to help you get up, and an agent can make that happen.

Your agent will also be comfortable working with other professionals, like attorneys.  You might be selling your house while planning your estate and an SRES or CSHP agent will make sure they time everything out, so you don’t have to worry.  They can even help you find an attorney if you don’t have one yet.  

Where Can I Find a Senior Realtor?

Most firms have at least one agent that has experience working with adult clients, but an internet search can help you find qualified agents.  The Senior Real Estate Institute has a CSHP directory that lists all agents in the state along with their telephone number and link to their website.  

The National Association of Realtors allows you to search for SRES agents by entering your zip code.  There are a few agents in the 92804 area at firms like Berkshire Hathaway.  Many agents have a few additional qualifications and can help you with military relocations, green building, foreclosures, and even international real estate.   

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