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Anaheim Rehab Centers

After an accident or serious illness, many people turn to rehab as a way to improve their coordination and enhance their abilities. Singular rehab centers are not the only options for this type of care in Anaheim. Many nursing home facilities offer rehabilitation services to get elderly patients back on their feet. It is best to know what to expect from the center and learn how it all works before attending your first session.

Rehab Services Based on Needs

Your particular needs play a significant role in determining which services you receive at rehab. The first step is to have an assessment performed that will indicate what problem areas you need to work on most. If you had a hip replacement, for example, you would need to work on improving your range of motion and gaining back your strength. If you experienced a stroke, cognitive and speech therapy might be most appropriate, allowing you to recover your speaking skills.

Centers in the Anaheim Area

Nursing home facilities and assisted living communities offer rehabilitation services. You do not have to stay in these establishments long-term but can instead reside there for a short while until you have completed recovery and are back on your feet. Multiple options exist in the Anaheim area.

Walnut Village is one of the most prestigious facilities in all of Anaheim. It has won numerous awards for being one of the best in care and adding to the beautification of Anaheim. Nurses at Walnut offer care on all levels, from daily rehab to full-time needs.

Meridian Gardens of Anaheim offers short-term stays for seniors who need to take advantage of their rehabilitation program. There is a private spa area to enjoy that helps with relaxation and numerous activities held daily that allow people to socialize.  

Speak to your physician about rehab recommendations. They may have an idea for which location would best suit your needs. It is also wise to talk to family members or friends who have had to utilize rehabilitative services. You could get a suggestion for a quality place.

Medicare-Certified Centers and Other Important Qualities

Be careful with the center you choose. If you know you have to use Medicare or Medicaid insurance to pay for care, you need to find a rehab facility that is Medicare or Medicaid-certified. Not all options accept this form of payment. You also want to be sure the facility has some other important qualities as well, including:

A Friendly Atmosphere

A Good Reputation

A Clean Space

Verified State Inspections

A Courteous Staff That Works With Patients and Their Family

Coming Up With the Money for Rehab

Most people do not pay for rehab out of pocket. You can speak to your Medicare or Medicaid providers and see what costs they will cover. If you had to stay at the hospital for more than three days related to your rehabilitation needs, they would usually pay for your treatment. Medicare Part A funds the services.

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