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Anaheim Neighborhood Guide

Charming areas, quiet neighborhoods, and sunny weather are what residents of Anaheim can look forward to regularly. The city earns a livability score of 72, which deems it very livable. With a stable housing market and an A+ for amenities, the town offers an ideal location for settling down and retiring.

Unique Neighborhoods in Anaheim

The Colony is known as one of the best neighborhoods in the Anaheim area. It sits downtown within the Colonial District, which is the most historical place in the city. Parks, restaurants, and stores are all within walking distance of the Colony. One of the very first buildings constructed in Anaheim was the Mother Colony House. You can visit the house while you are in the neighborhood.

Southwest Anaheim is the place that is most well-known to people around the world. It provides the home of Disneyland, with numerous resorts nearby. Countless public transit options, restaurants, and shops fill the area, ensuring anyone living nearby can make their way to the many attractions offered here.

Standout Suburbs for Retirees

Many retirees do not want to be part of the hustle and bustle of busy neighborhoods. For those that do not, they can search for the standout suburbs meant for them. Anaheim Hills provides one option. While there are still many things to do in this area, it is not quite as busy as Southwest Anaheim where Disneyland sits. Anaheim Hills offers a golf course where you can enjoy 18 rounds of golf year-round. Typical stores like Target and Hobby Lobby also sit in this area, allowing you to get your shopping done easily.

The Colony is also ideal for retirees, even if it is a popular place. There are plenty of quiet spots within the area to keep seniors sane. The area has a high walkability score, making it easy for seniors to make their way through town to enjoy the shops and restaurants located there. You can also take a stroll through the streets to enjoy the historical views.

Locating the Ideal Neighborhood for You

Everyone has their own opinion regarding which is the best neighborhood. The right place to live for you may be entirely different than another senior in the area. You need to consider the attributes you like best in a neighborhood and determine which aspects you cannot live without for the remainder of your life.

Consider walkability, the level of safety, and affordability. While one location may fit your idea of a perfect place, it might be more expensive than you can handle. Another place may be less than ideal, but it could be just what you need to fit the budget. By considering a few important aspects, you can narrow down your neighborhood choices.

The historic district has a higher walkability score than many other locations throughout Anaheim. Anaheim Hills has a low walkability rate, meaning you would have to drive nearly anywhere you would have to go. If you do not drive, the walkability factor is a significant concern. Whatever you are looking for in your home life, there is an area in Anaheim that meets your needs.

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