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Anaheim In-Home Care

Care options for seniors vary a great deal. You can choose to live in a nursing home, join an assisted living community, attend an adult day care center, or remain in your residence and receive in-home care from a nursing professional. The in-home option proves appealing to many seniors due to their ability to stay at home and still receive the care they need. The cost is also ideal, with far less money spent monthly on in-home options than living facility prices. Take a look at the in-home options in Anaheim to see if it is right for you.

Home Care Agencies in Anaheim

Numerous home care agencies fill the streets of Anaheim. These companies provide one of two services, homemaker services or home health assistance. Some even offer both types in separate package deals. All home care providers must be licensed by the state of California, as per the state’s new law put into effect in January 2016. A registry of Home Health Aides allows people to determine which options are valid within their area. All aides must pass a thorough background check before they get added to the registry.

To get an idea of what families are looking for when it comes to agencies, let’s take a look at some reviews left on the Senior Advisor website:

“They were accommodating with care and any special requests.” - regarding Comfort Keepers

Agencies that meet special requests and care needs are ideal.

“The staff have been responsive and communicate really well.” - regarding Sunny Ridge Home Care

Communication is necessary between staff, patients, and family members.

“She took the time to get to know my mom and match her with a great caregiver.” - regarding Affina Home Care

Agencies that match patients and caregivers based on personality create better pairs.

“They were helpful and everyone showed up when they were supposed to.” - regarding First Light Home Care

Arriving on time is highly important, as is being useful in any way asked.

Finding In-Home Care Options That Meet Your Schedule

In-home care is not a one-size-fits-all program. You get to choose the exact services you need, whether that be help with housekeeping plus regular vital sign monitoring, or companionship, medication management, and meal making. You can have a nurse on-call 24/7, or schedule someone to come in once a week. The goal is to find an option that meets the schedule you set, ensuring all of your needs get met promptly.

Using In-Home Care to Your Advantage

You can use in-home care to your advantage in numerous ways. First, you do not have to go through any of the agencies mentioned above if you do not feel they meet your needs. While agencies are a valid option, you can instead choose to hire a caregiver yourself. It allows you to control the hiring process and determine your preferred rate. The downside is that it takes lots of time to vet the potential employee and ensure their background check passes.

Another option is to use both choices. Use a caregiver you hire yourself for some tasks and an agency-issued caregiver for others. You could pay a family member to handle your care needs in the evenings, while another caregiver tends to your needs during the day.

While caregivers provide medical assistance and companionship, some are not able to help with errands. You may be left to find your own way around town to get groceries, walk your dog, pick up dinner, or complete other traveling tasks. You could find an all-in-one caregiving option that provides these services, or utilize one of the many local concierge or online shopping and delivery services in your area. Rover, for example, offers a mobile app that helps you find someone to walk your dog or even watch him overnight if you are not up to taking care of him as needed.

It is important to do all your research before making a final decision regarding your care. Shop around and see which options are truly best for you. Get recommendations from friends and family, and read reviews online. You can even search the Orange County Better Business Bureau to see which companies meet the standards.

Anaheim In-Home Care Costs

Covering the costs of your care is often left up to you, but there are ways to get assistance with paying when you cannot afford it. Looking into your state insurance options is the best choice. Medicaid is available in Anaheim to residents over the age of 64. The Anaheim Regional Center offers assistance with the Medi-Cal program. You can head into their headquarters Monday through Friday between the hours of 7 am and 5 pm to speak to someone about applying. The office sits at 3320 E. La Palma Ave. You may also call them on their service number at 800-281-9799 if you wish to get more information before heading into the office. Medicaid usually covers a large portion of in-home care costs, such as up to a certain amount of hours per day, like 16.

Medicare is the primary insurance option for senior citizens. Income does not play a factor in eligibility as with Medicaid. Instead, any seniors 65 and older who need health insurance can apply. Not all medical expenses get covered under this plan, and it takes proof from a doctor before many costs get paid at all. There are four different parts to the program, including A, B, C, and D, each covering a different aspect of health care. Part A is responsible for hospital stays, skilled nursing facilities, and some home health care.

According to the Genworth Cost of Care Survey, California’s homemaker and home health aide services are higher than that of the rest of the United States on average. These options are still less expensive than nursing home facilities, making them an ideal choice for residents of Anaheim. You can expect to pay at least $12 per hour for minimum prices. This hourly rate could lead up to more than $52,000 per year if used almost daily.

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