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Everyone knows that regular medical check-ups are an important way to maintain your health throughout your life. What too few people realize is that as we pass into middle age and enter our senior years, our health needs change enough that we need a specialist in geriatric medicine to keep us healthy.

Just as children require the specialized care that a pediatrician can provide, old age brings conditions (both chronic and acute) that require specialized attention. Geriatricians are doctors that are specially trained to tend to the unique health needs of the senior population.

Anaheim seniors are lucky as they have access to some great geriatric care specialists. Continue reading to find out about some geriatric care specialists near you and what resources are available to help you find more.

Geriatric Care Specialists in and Around Anaheim

The Anaheim Global Medical Center, located a short distance away from the famous Disneyland Amusement Park, provides a comprehensive suite of medical services along with a staff that includes board certified geriatric specialists.

The Medical Center has one of the most advanced cardiac units in the Anaheim area and provides specialized cardiac care that includes:

Right and left heart catheterization


Peripheral runoff

Stent placement



Carotid and renal angiograms

Anaheim Global Medical Center’s Golden Years program, located at their Discoveries unit, treats elderly patients suffering a range of illnesses that include:

Mood disorders

Acute psychosis

Major depression

The anxiety and adjustment disorders of aging and early dementia.

The Medical Center provides an individualized treatment program for every patient and uses many approaches such as group, individual, and family counseling. The Medical Center also provides treatment modalities that include music, art, occupational, and even recreational therapy.

The West Anaheim Medical Center offers a range of medical services of value to the senior community. At West Anaheim Medical, you can receive important behavioral health services of particular relevance to Alzheimer’s sufferers.

West Anaheim has a modern Chest Pain Center that will treat seniors suffering from angina pectoris and other related health conditions. West Anaheim Cardiac provides state-of-the-art heart care services and is staffed with board certified cardiologists who are available 24/7 for seniors who enter the emergency room suffering from a cardiac incident.

West Anaheim has one of the best quality intensive care units in the Anaheim area to ensure that your odds of recuperating from a serious medical situation are the best possible.

Finding Senior Medical Care Providers in Anaheim

Finding a good-quality geriatric care physician or facility isn’t as easy as calling the local hospitals and asking.  You need to be proactive in finding the information you need.

Start by asking people you trust who rely on geriatric medical services. People with the first-hand experience can provide you with valuable insight into who is available near you, who are accepting new patients, and which geriatricians have the best reputation.

Use online search tools to broaden your reach, such as the comprehensive physician search tool provided by the American Geriatrics Society. Another good online search tool is offered by the U.S. News & World Report; their Doctor Finder will quickly return a thorough list of the specialists near you.

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