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Anaheim Financial Advisors

Countless seniors leave the financial planning to themselves, thinking they are perfectly capable of handling their own money. While you may be able to do so, it is still wise to consult with a financial advisor whose job it is to help you make a wise investment and spending choices. Advisors do not just tell you where to invest, but also how to invest wisely so you can get the most out of your money. They also discuss long and short-term financial options and goals to provide you with an overall risk assessment of your income and help you plan for your future.

Choosing the Best Time to Start Working With an Advisor

The best time to start working with an advisor is now. Even if you have never worked with someone before, it is time to get a head start on setting financial goals and plans. Search for a trustworthy professional who offers the best advice and guidance.

Your financial advisor may encourage regular meetings at first, but will often change to yearly meetings once you have established trust. At these consultations, discuss any new changes in the past year so you can update your plan.

Picking Advisors in the Anaheim Area

It is not wise to pick an advisor that reaches out to you first. Chances are, they are part of a scheme hoping to give you unsolicited advice for a high fee. Pick the right advisor based on who meets the right criteria. Are they trustworthy? Do they have a good standing in the community? Do they come recommended? The right advisor will stand out from the rest.

The Better Business Bureau allows you to search for financial planning consultants in your area. Numerous options reside in Orange County and the surrounding areas. Search the results to see their ratings, reviews, and complaints and find an A+ business to meet your needs.

You can even use sites like Yelp to find the best financial advisors in Anaheim. Sift through the reviews until you find a company that stands out, and use the contact information provided to reach out to them. You can always sit down for an initial consultation with a few of them before settling on the final choice.

Selecting the Right Advisor Based on Your Criteria

Financial planners must get certified to operate their business. You can check the CFP Board to determine if the advisor you are hoping to work with is on the list of certified professionals. The site even discloses whether someone has filed for bankruptcy or if they got reprimanded for unlawful practices in recent years.

Certified professionals get paid in various ways. You can select your advisor based on how they get paid, so you are sure they are in it for the right reasons and not just money. Some use a fee-based model that is ideal because they only earn a yearly percentage of your holdings. Others earn through commission, receiving compensation any time they sell you a particular product. They are more likely to encourage you to buy things you don’t necessarily need.

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