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Anaheim Assisted Living

Making significant changes in your life can be scary.  You are probably nervous about moving to an assisted living community.  Questions running through your head probably include how you will find the right community, what will this cost, and how will you pay for all this.  Paying for this care might not be as bad as you think.  Below you will find some information to help you get started in your Anaheim assisted living search and will help you answer some of your questions.

What the average bill for assisted living is in Anaheim

The monthly average for assisted living in the Anaheim/Los Angeles is only slightly higher than the national average of $3,600, which may be surprising with the cost of living in California. The average costs in 2016 for assisted living in Anaheim/Los Angeles area was $4,000. You will find that the costs of assisted living can vary tremendously depending on location and style of the facility. You can find a semi-private room at Sunrise Senior Residential Care starts at $866 a month, with a studio starting at $1,800 a month. For a more elegant option, Fullerton Assisted Living’s average monthly cost is around $7,700 a month. You can find several other options between these two prices, which means there is something for every taste and budget in Anaheim.

Assisted living communities that offer different approaches to life

You can find a community that caters to your interests.  From luxury living to faith-based care to an urban oasis, Anaheim has it all.  Do you have a small pet you want to take with you?  There are pet-friendly communities that allow you to bring your pet. Be sure you know their policies and if there are any additional fees. Cambridge Court believes that caring for elders includes having an Eden environment that is rich with human, plant and animal life to keep a senior happy and satisfied with life. Morningside allows you to be close to everything from the mall, to large medical centers, to a large green space, you are in the heart of it all!  Be sure to look for a community that will give you the life you want.

Finding your assisted living community match in Anaheim

To find the right facility for you, you need to determine where you want to live such as in the city, in a rural setting, near parks, or near a particular area close to family.  Once you pick your location, you will need to decide on the amenities, services, and lifestyle you want. Once you determine these factors, you can begin to narrow down your search.  Start getting referrals from your friends, neighbors, relatives, or anyone else you know that has experience with assisted living communities. Online reviews also provide great feedback and will give you details you can’t find in an assisted living facility’s website or marketing brochure. You can get additional help and insight with a local senior advisor. Care Patrol offers senior placing assistance through expert advisors. Take your advisor and family members with you on your community visits.  They may provide valuable insight and help you with your decision. Most importantly, you need to know the following from each facility:  what your monthly bill covers, what services are extra, how much are the additional services, and how will the community handle your care when your health needs change. SeniorAdvisor’s Assisted Living Guidebook provides an expansive list of questions you should ask including paying for care, residency agreements, social activities, medication and health care, policies, and more.

Paying for assisted living costs

At first, the cost of assisted living may be shocking. However, if you compare the cost of living at home and hiring services to help you with daily life, the cost may not seem so high. To determine your home expenses, you need to include all costs including taxes, mortgage, utilities, insurance, upkeep and maintenance, and possible repairs for now and in the future.  Then you will need to add the costs of a home health aide and housekeeper to assist with daily life. If you want to pay cash for your care, you can sell your home and use those proceeds. If you don’t want to sell your home or don’t have a house to sell, there are other ways you can pay for care. Medicare and health insurance do not cover assisted living costs, which many people don’t know.  Workers’ disability insurance also does not pay assisted living expenses. Medicaid may be an option for low-income seniors with few assets. To see if you qualify or to apply, visit California’s government benefits website. For veterans or widows of veterans, you may be eligible for VA Aid & Attendance pension.  To be eligible, you or your spouse must have served one day during a time of war. Contact your regional California benefit office to learn more details or to apply. This process can take several months from start to finish. Long-term care insurance typically covers assisted living expenses. Before you depend on this coverage, talk to your agent about coverage, limits, and exclusions. You need to pay your policy bill on time to avoid cancellation.  Automatic bill pay will ensure timely payments. If you want to keep your home for your spouse to reside in, you may want to consider a reverse mortgage to get cash from your home’s equity. You can also cash out a life insurance policy.  These two options usually have substantial fees and tax implications. We recommend getting advice from either your financial planner, tax advisor, or an attorney before making this decision. Now that you are a little more familiar with assisted living in the Anaheim area, you can find great resources to aid your search on SeniorAdvisor. There are articles on neighborhoods, links to award-winning care providers, user reviews, cost estimates, and more.

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