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Anaheim Aging In Place

As you age, you will have to make some important decisions about your health and where you would like to receive long-term care. Most seniors want to stay in their homes and with aging in place services you can do just that. Homemakers can help look after your house by cooking and cleaning as well as run errands while home health aides are there to assist you with daily grooming, reminding you to take your medicine, and monitoring any ongoing health conditions. No matter what kind of service you want or need, you can find it in Anaheim and have the freedom to stay in your house.

Is There Financial Help For In-Home Services?

If you’re worried about paying for everything out of pocket, you might want to look into a few of these financial assistance options. You could get reimbursed for any services you use if your doctor believes that you need constant care to stay in your home. If you’re a veteran, check your VA bill and see if in-home care is covered. The Council on Aging in Orange County also has a few resources available, and if you visit their site, you can find links to community senior service providers that work to help cover the cost of care.

What Will These Services Cost Me?

If you need to use in-home care every day then, you will obviously pay more than a senior who only needs it a few times a week. That said, the type of care you choose and where you live will also change the total price. The national average right now for both homemakers and home health aides is around $3,800 per month.

The averages for homemakers and home health aides rise a little for Anaheim and the Orange County area to $4,052 per month. This cost comes out to around $133 per day. While that seems a little high, it is much less expensive if you compare it to the $410 per day it costs to live in a private room in a nursing home. Keep in mind that this is just an average price and there are providers in Anaheim that are lower and might fit your budget better.

How Do I Look For Providers In Anaheim?

Choosing the right provider is important, so you want to make sure you do your homework. Your close friends and relatives, as well as your doctor, can be helpful with suggestions or referrals to local places. Another useful resource is the Better Business Bureau of Anaheim because not only can you learn more about the company but you can also read reviews from customers.

Make sure you only look at places that are licensed as well as have insurance and are bonded. These providers should also have some form of a background check when they hire employees and host regular screenings to make sure their workers are reliable. You should also learn about their payment schedule and if they have special procedures for booking their services. Once you feel comfortable with a service provider and you’ve carefully gone over any agreement, you can make your final decision.

Can I Use Other Forms Of In-Home Care?

Homemakers and home health aides are just two types of in-home care among many. The beauty of in-home services is that you can choose what you need and build your care plan. Many seniors have started to use concierge services to get extra help with the things they need, and you can easily find assistance online.

If you have pets and need a sitter or a dog walker, you should look on If your house is a mess but you don’t have the energy to clean, check out Handy. If there are other chores or errands you can no longer do on your own, Favor and TaskRabbit are there to help out. If your house is in need of repair, remodels, or upkeep both and Amazon Home Services are good options. Make sure to ask questions and go over contracts before using anyone from any of these services.

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