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Albuquerque In-Home Care

Caring for a loved one at home keeps them in a safe, comfortable and familiar environment as they age. Albuquerque residents enjoy lower in-home care rates than their neighbors in Santa Fe, paying a median price of $131 per day for homemaker services and $133 per day for a home health aide in 2015. In-home care rates are also significantly lower than the price of a private room in a nursing home, which costs $247 per day in 2015. Low care costs combined with a high quality of living makes in-home care an attractive option for seniors in the Albuquerque area.

What do Albuquerque home care agencies have to offer?

Home health agencies are dotted across Albuquerque, giving residents a variety of care options to choose from. Seniors that need some help with housework each week or who need daily custodial care can hire a homemaker service to visit on a regular basis. Those who also need medical assistance to manage a short-term or chronic condition can hire a home health aide to drop by and lend a hand. All home health agencies in Albuquerque should be licensed and certified by the New Mexico Health Facility Licensing & Certification Bureau.

To find out more about local in-home care, you can read customer reviews posted to Comments describe how Albuquerque home health agencies go above and beyond to address each client’s unique needs, including:

Schedule flexibility: “They were always on time, they provided people that were engaged and interested in my mom, and they were very flexible. Her schedule kept changing, and they were always able to accommodate her,” wrote the daughter of a FootPrints Home Care client. Personalized care: “They're very flexible in terms of the care they are able to provide, and they try and tailor the service to fit the needs of your loved one,” wrote a Mi Casa Home Health Care customer. Companionship: “Not only does she provide care to my mom, she's always become her friend and confidante,” wrote the daughter of a 1st Premier Home Care customer regarding her mother’s caregiver.

How can I fit in-home care around my schedule?

If you act as caregiver for a loved one, then you probably know how overwhelming it can be to juggle your personal responsibilities with your caregiving duties. Luckily, home care agencies are able to work with you to create a convenient caregiving schedule. Whether you’re looking for part-time help each day or last-minute assistance, you can find an agency that will cater to your needs. Many organizations also offer respite services that allow you to take a few days off every once in awhile. Caregivers that work during the day or families that live too far away to provide adequate care can look into full-time, live-in home health options.

How can I find help at home?

Home health agencies provide a convenient way to find a local caregiver, but you may want to have more control over the hiring process. There are several alternative options that you can use to find your loved one the care that he or she needs:

Direct hire: Instead of hiring a caregiver through an agency, you can always hire one yourself. This way, you can enlist friends or relatives to provide care and pay them the current market rate. Hiring a caregiver directly gives you full control over the screening and vetting process, but it can be time consuming. You should also consider that, as an employer, you’ll be responsible for covering insurance costs, taxes and wages.

Agency care combined with a direct hire: You may want to hire a friend or family member to care for your loved one, but keep in mind that most informal caregivers need some help every now and then. You can seek part-time assistance or respite services for the caregiver that you’ve hired by contacting local home care agencies.

Concierge services: Online concierge services help housebound seniors with errands such as shopping, dog walking, dry cleaning, and much more. Albuquerque is home to several such services that help seniors and their caregivers to manage a busy schedule, including Girl Fridays and Premier Personal Concierge Service.

How can I cover the cost of in-home care?

Medicare will cover the cost of in-home care only in a limited number of circumstances. The majority of Albuquerque seniors rely on personal long-term care insurance or state Medicaid funding to pay for care, while disabled veterans may pay using the VA Aid & Attendance pension. Seniors that need cash upfront to cover care costs may want to consider taking out a reverse mortgage on their home, but should first speak with their lawyer and estate manager to understand the legal and financial ramifications of such a move.

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