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Albuquerque Concierge Services

Concierge services have many different contexts. Concierge can mean a hotel employee that directs guests to area restaurants, sights, and other services. It can also mean a high-end service that arranges private airplanes, lavish trips, and elegant dinner parties. Doctors and dentists are also starting to offer concierge services where they treat patients right in their homes. Many businesses are meeting their clients at the location where they are needed most. Concierge services have found an express need among the senior population that needs assistance to maintain a comfortable living in their homes.

Suzy Helps! Is a personal concierge service that takes care of all kinds of errands. It provides decorating services, pet services, home organization, laundry services, pharmacy assistance, internet research, scheduling contractors, scheduling appointments, grocery shopping household management, gift shopping, holiday shopping, merchandise exchanges and returns, and much more.

Care-A-Van Services helps seniors with activities of daily living. Services include skin care, bowel and bladder services, meal preparation, hygiene and grooming, mobility assistance, cognitive assistance, household services, case management, feeding, medication management, support, and companionship.

Whole Foods Grocery Delivery is a service where seniors can place an order for groceries using their computer, tablet, or smartphone, anywhere they happen to be. Whole Foods will pick the freshest food items and deliver them within an hour.

Schwan’s is a food service that provides fresh and frozen foods. Items include fruits, vegetables, meats, seafood, frozen meals, pizza, pasta dishes, side dishes, snacks, appetizers, ice cream, desserts, and much more. Order online and the delivery truck brings items right to the door.

Skarsgard Farms offers fresh organic produce and food boxes with a membership. Some of the food items include potatoes, onion, grapes, fresh fruits, broccoli, tomatoes, carrots, limes, apples, and much more. Seniors can also order cuts of pork, bacon, ground beef, bread, dairy, milk, cheese, and eggs. Food is delivered weekly.

Zia Building Maintenance provides repair and handyman services to help seniors live safely in their homes. Services include bathrooms, drywall repair, painting, door and window repair, exterior repairs, electrical work, carpentry, and lead paint removal. They also provide green cleaning, deep cleaning, and carpet cleaning. charges for handyman services by the hour. Handymen perform all around services including mounting televisions on the wall, installing garbage disposals, installing dishwashers, replacing ceiling fans, installing microwaves, replacing toilets, putting together furniture, installing decks, and more.

Pampered Pet Mobile brings the truck to the pet’s home where pets can get feet and pad trimming, nail trimming, ear cleaning, ear plucking, teeth brushing, hydro massage bathing, hand and blow drying, and final brushing. Other services include fur trimming, shaving, aloe treatments, medicated baths, nail grinding, nail painting, flea baths, flea prevention treatments, de-skunking, and specialty shampoos.

FoodGetters is a delivery service that delivers food from area restaurants directly to seniors’ homes. Choose from Applebees, Chilis, California Pizza Kitchen, and Jersey Mike’s.

Albuquerque is a sprawling city which can make it difficult for seniors to get the services they need. Concierge services makes it possible for seniors to get help with all of the services they need to live out a quality life.

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