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Albuquerque Aging In Place

You might live in agricultural South Valley or the picturesque Foothills, but chances are you want to stay right where you are as you start to age. A long time ago, you might have had to move into a nursing home as soon as your health started to decline but now you have options and aging in place is becoming a very popular choice among seniors. You can use services like homemakers or home health aides, both of which will help you maintain either your home or your health through things like cooking, cleaning, vital signs checks, or assistance with personal grooming.

Will I Have To Pay For Everything?

Senior care costs can start to add up quickly and you might not think you can afford in-home care but there are actually a few different options to help you with cost. Low-income seniors can use their Medicaid benefits and veterans can check with their VA assistance to see if these services are covered. Long-term care insurance can be another option, but you need to check your policy to see if it’s included. The Albuquerque Department of Senior Affairs also has a program that can help qualified seniors receive the care the need in their own homes.

What Will I Pay For Care?

It helps to get an idea of what you’re going to pay when it comes to in-home care and you can look at averages to get a better picture. National monthly averages for both homemakers and home health aides is going to be right around $3,800 but that will change with location and the type of care given.

Albuquerque in-home averages are a bit higher than the national averages. Homemaker services are about $4,099 per month and home health aides are about $4,195 per month. This comes out to $135 to $138 per day but these are just averages. And while these might seem expensive remember you might not need to use services every day and they are much less than the $213 you could pay for a nursing home semi-private room.

How Can I Look For A Provider?

You want to choose a company that will meet your needs and fit your budget so you will have to do a little research. Try asking neighbors, family members, and friends who have used in-home care if they have any good suggestions. Your doctor can also help you out with referrals and so can reading customer reviews and business reports on the Better Business Bureau of Albuquerque.

After you get some suggestions, start thinking of questions to ask each place. Like, are do they have insurance and licensing? Are they bonded? How do they hire employees? Do they do background checks? You should also find out how to schedule services as well as fully understand their payment options before you sign a contract.

Are There Other In-Home Care Choices?

Yes, you can find almost anything you need to have a customized care plan online. Homemakers and home health aides are certainly the most common type of care but they are not the only type of care. Internet concierge services are a great way to find the help you need within the budget you have.

Try if you’re a pet owner in need of pet sitting or dog walking. If your house is looking a little messy Handy can help find a house cleaner in your area. If you need someone to pick up groceries or wash your car, try TaskRabbit. If your house needs some major work done to make it functional for you, look on or Amazon Home Services. Just like with any provider, ask questions and make sure you feel comfortable with the services offered.

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